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Show Fuoco di Me

Photo by C. Benard

VOOA is a France-based contemporary company. Founded in London by artistic director Roubina Khodadin, VOOA is primarily dance-orientated and is evolving along the lines of a multi-disciplinary one as music, visual arts and poetry continue to grow in its fields.

Each piece of the company belongs to a universe of its own, with artists being taken on board according to the project specifications.

VOOA is a voluntary organisation which aims to make the arts an accessible and yet challenging medium of expression.


International project crossing art forms and cultures by VOOA

he’ S involves the making of a series of short solo pieces by RouBina, through residencies in France, India and Africa. Each piece is designed with an input from local artists and has a strong link with the local context. The piece created in one country is then shared with the audience of the following country, along with the new piece created.

#1 NIGHT, made in France in 2014, mixes photography, movement and music. It is also the central piece around which workshops are given to children of each country.


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#2 SOI(E), created in Varanasi, India, in February 2015, weaves together the imaginary threads of a re-birth. A choreographic/visual arts piece. SOI means SELF and SOIE means SILK (in French).


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#3 CORPSDES, is a playful mix between string instruments, the voice and the body. CORDES means STRINGS and CORPS means BODY.


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