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Choreographer and Artistic Director of VOOA

Born in an island where people drive on the left but speak French across the country, where ghazals* as much as African drums can be heard on the local radio, Roubina embraces dance in an instinctive and a secret way. Starting off as an improviser when she arrives in London, Roubina quickly encounters contemporary dance. Creative experiences, training programmes and meetings help in shaping her strong artistic identity.

Roubina Khodadin is fundamentally a polymorphous artist. Primarily a dancer and choreographer, her work is constantly renewed through the integration the other art forms she explores (music, text) and ability to interweave aesthetics (visual arts/ sculpture) with a contemporary outlook.

She has worked with traditional West African dance companies (Cie Frititi, Ghana) as well as contemporary ones (Badejo Arts, London). She worked for Virginia Farman (Brighton, England) before with making up her training package via classes at the Laban Centre in London and Georges Momboye Centre in Paris. During her travels, she also trains in buto and popping; each of the genres and techniques helping to build her personal approach to dance.

It is along such an unconventional journey, that Roubina has gathered spontaneity, boldness and conviction to found her own company in London: VOOA (VOices of Art), based in the South of France since 2006.


Alongside dance, Roubina writes texts and poems, some of which were soon to be integrated in her work and in collaborations with other musicians. Being a self-taught musician, she has attended a world music school and is currently elaborating her own repertoire.

Roubina is often called upon by other organisations in view of elaborating educational and artistic projects linked with the company’s work as, she says : « I believe in the spiritual role of the artist, in his ability to link the heart, the soul and the mind through his practice; to link hearts, souls and minds through shared experiences. To weave this cosmic thread that runs from I to Us, words, music and dance are wonderful shuttles** ».

*ghazals : poems sung in hindi or urdu
**shuttle : wooden weaving loom